Identify the CT abnormality

Erin Zingarelli

Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

Publication Date: 20130805


The following image is a CT scan of an elderly patient presenting with confusion.

  1. Can you identify the abnormality on this CT scan?

    Enlarged ventricles (ventriculomegaly)

    Correct! While this example of ventriculomegaly is not as dramatic as in cases of acute obstructive hydrocephalus, volume loss and increased ventricular size is a common finding on CT scans of elderly patients.

    Incorrect - there are no identifiable masses on this scan.
    Acute bleed

    Incorrect - there is no evidence of acute bleed on this scan.
    Normal study

    Incorrect - while it is debatable that this kind of finding occurs in many patients as they age, there is an abnormality present.

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