49 year old man presenting with strange behavior

Erin Zingarelli

Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions


Publication Date: 20130726


This 49 year old man presented to the hospital with confusion and strange behavior. MRI showed an encephalitis, which was later determined to be caused by HSV.

  1. Which lobe of the brain was primarily affected?

    Left frontal lobe

    Incorrect - at this level, the frontal lobe is not visible.
    Right temporal lobe

    Incorrect. The pathology on this scan is left-sided.
    Left temporal lobe

    Correct! HSV encephalitis classically affects the temporal lobes.
    Right frontal lobe

    Incorrect - this patient has a left-sided encephalitis.
    Left parietal lobe

    Incorrect. Although you do not have another view to confirm location, know that HSV encephalitis is classically a temporal lobe phenomenon.


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