Child with reflux

Erin Zingarelli

Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

Publication Date: 20130331


This radiograph of a child with symptoms of reflux was taken after a nasogastric tube was placed and used to administer contrast. An abnormality was discovered.

  1. Can you identify the abnormality?

    Left lower lobe pneumonia

    Incorrect. Try another answer.
    Congenital diaphragmatic hernia

    Correct! The stomach, which is full of contrast, is within the left hemithorax.
    Lung tumor

    Incorrect. Although this child does not have a tumor, there is something in the chest that should not be there.
    Cardiac malformation

    Incorrect. The cardiac silhouette and vessels on this radiograph are normal. Echocardiogram would be required to further evaluate cardiac abnormalities.

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