Chest radiograph unknown 12

Anshuman Bansal


David Marker


Publication Date: 2009-09-11


This patient has two iatrogenic devices placed in the chest.

  1. Can you identify them?

    Inferior vena cava filter

    Incorrect. Try again!
    Superior vena cava stent

    Correct. This open walled stent is visible and appears as a meshwork in the right chest.
    Central line

    Correct. This patient has a peripherally inserted central catheter, or PICC line, it is visible as it travels in the subclavian vein, the brachiocephalic vein, and to the superior vena cava. Good job!
    Artificial heart valve

    Incorrect. There is are in visible implants in the heart. Also a patient with an artificial valve would likely have visible sternotomy wires if they has open heart surgery to place the valve. Try again.
    Cardiac pacemaker

    Incorrect. Try again!
    Chest tube

    Incorrect. There is no chest tube visible. A chest tube is made of plastic and usually has a radiodense marker that appears as a thin line.