Pelvis radiograph unknown 3

Anshuman Bansal


David Marker


Publication Date: 2009-09-11


This patient has has surgery in the past. Look at the image carefully to see if you can determine what surgery was performed.

  1. Can you find the abnormality on this image?

    Fracture of the pubic ramus

    Incorrect. There are no fractures in this image. Try again.
    Resection of the right iliac wing

    Correct! This patient had a sarcoma and had part of the bony pelvis resected. This defect is clearly visible on this follow up x-ray.
    Lumbar fixation

    Incorrect. There are no fixation devices visible in this image. Try again.
    Bladder rupture

    Incorrect. Although there is contrast visible in the bladder here, there is no contrast outside of the bladder. Try again.