Chest radiograph unknown 11

Anshuman Bansal


David Marker


Publication Date: 2009-09-10


Look carefully at this PA chest x-ray.

  1. Can you note an obviously abnormal structure?

    Lung mass

    Incorrect. There is no obvious lung mass on this chest x-ray. All of the lung fields are clear. Try again.
    Lobar pneumonia

    Incorrect. There is no evidence of pneumonia on this chest x-ray. The lungs are without infiltrate. Try again.
    Pleural effusion

    Incorrect. There is no evidence of pleural effusion on this chest x-ray. Both costophrenic angles are sharp. Try again.
    Tracheal deviation

    Correct! The trachea is significantly deviated to the right in this patient. There is a soft tissue mass in the patient's left neck that is causing this deviation. The mass is less obvious than the deviation of trachea and the air contained inside of it. Good work!