Extremity radiograph unknown 5

Anshuman Bansal



David Marker



Publication Date: 2009-09-09


This patient presented to the ER with shoulder pain after a bicycle accident.

  1. Can you find a reason for the patient's shoulder pain on this x-ray?

    Dislocation of the glenohumeral joint

    Incorrect. It would be difficult to diagnosis this with just one view. There is no evidence of a dislocation of the shoulder joint here. Try again.
    Fracture of the clavicle

    Correct! This patient has fractured the left clavicle in the middle third of the bone. This is a very painful injury.
    Multiple rib fractures

    Incorrect. There are no fractured ribs on this radiograph. Try again.
    Arthritis of the shoulder joint

    Incorrect. Arthritis is a chronic pathology, however, this patient has acute pain after an accident. There are no changes compatible with arthritis on this radiograph. Try again.